Friday, 6 April 2012

Models, mayhem and misfits...

Do you do TF?

When I was first asked about TF I didn't have a clue what the person was talking about but after doing a few TF's I consider it a really valuable resource for any photographer wanting to learn about...

  • lighting
  • working with people
  • directing
  • fashion
  • camera control
  • creativity
  • and building their portfolio
The concept of 'time for' is an easy one and works for both the aspiring subject and the photographer. I know a lot of photographers who at some point wanted to try their hand at model shoots just to see what it was all about and if they were any good at it. Personally I get a great deal of enjoyment from it, and although at present it may not be the area I want to end up working in, I've already learnt a great deal!

Jenny ©2102 MattElliott

Sky©2012Matt Elliott
After having shot both in the studio and on location, my personal preference is location work, for me it gives more scope to be creative and use your surroundings, even if you don't have total control of your lighting. In the past I have used speed lights on stands triggered wirelessly from my camera, and you can get some great results. 


In all honesty as yet I've been under no client 'pressure' and all the models I have worked with have just wanted images to add to their portfolio. One girl who I did several shoots with used my work to show to a London based modelling agency, and now is on the footing of making a successful career. It's good to feel I was a part of that, and although I gained no financial reward I did gain experience and was also lot of fun!
Since my first few shoots I get asked a lot by models if I wouldn't mind 'working' with them. At present this isn't always easy due to time and being busy. I think it's only fair to say once you have experience under your belt and know what you're doing, the minimum you should ask for is travel costs and a minimum payment for your time. I would say I am no where near as good as I'd like to be within this field, but know I'm improving and hopefully will continue to do so.


The only advice I would offer to anyone wanting to work as a fashion photographer is to get out there and do it! It's not always going to work but if you're passionate will show. Remember the work you are doing isn't just about the subject! It's a two way deal where you can plan a shoot and ask the model to perform for you. If you get the image you were after and they don't like it that may make you feel as if you haven't done your job right, that's not always the case. You have to remember they are looking at themselves, you are looking at an image and there is a difference.

One final point, don't forget your MODEL RELEASE Form.

Jen©2012Matt Elliott

Looking for inspiration, check out the work of Duffy...

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