Monday, 1 October 2012

Summer work...

Summer shooting...

I think it's fair to say looking back over the long Summer 'break' I've been kept busy with a wide range of work, personal or otherwise. Although I'm becoming more selective in what I do I am attempting to narrow down my chosen career path in photography, which is proving to be very difficult...

Currently I am now working with Foto+, a Plymouth based collective run by two of my college tutors Matt and Jon. They were asked to cover the Plymouth Raiders Basketball team's season which is currently being run at Plymouth Pavillions (home games). As I haven't covered much in the way of sporting events in the past I jumped, no pun intended, at the chance to support Foto+ in their new venture. This also gave me the chance to work alongside to established photographers from whom I'm sure I can learn a lot. 

©2012 Matt Elliott

So far I have covered three games, two friendlies and one league. In the past my sport has always been football and I only played basketball at school a long tome ago, so for the first two games I made sure I understood the whole ethos of the game and rituals involved. The hardest part I have found so far is the technical limitations I faced. The light is not photographer friendly and I would say you have to shoot at around 1/500th to freeze the movement. Even using Carl Zeiss glass at a 1.8 aperture I am finding I have to resort to anything around 2000 I.S.O to get a decent exposure. This sort of photography I would recommend to any photographer as a training ground in 'thinking on your feet'.
The rewards come when you capture 'that' sharp and dramatic image...and it's all good fun!

©2012 Matt Elliott

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