Monday, 8 April 2013

New School.

I have been recently asked by the college to document the new Plymouth School of Creative Arts which is in the early stages of development. I jumped at the chance for several reasons, as it's rare to be able to document something which is so unique and close to my heart. While serving in the Marines I was based at Stonehouse Barracks for several years, and I think it's a fair to say the area was in need of a facelift back then. Millbay is known for it's red light district, ask any local and they'll tell you it's no secret.
After a meeting with the new head I had planned for several ways which I saw fit to document the new build from scratch.

  • Time lapse video. I aim to set a small camera in place and take images for 15 months (or however long it takes) This is no easy task as I will have to find a stable location for the camera and make sure it's working. 
  • 360 degree footage with hour long exposures.
  • Still images from several viewpoints.
  • Portraits of those involved at any level.
  • Pin hole long exposures. I haven't had much, if any, experience with this, but would like to experiment with some long exposure work.
The area is a blank canvas and they are due to start building in July. From the off I explained I wouldn't be doing this for free and would need equipment to work with. We have an extensive store at college, but I knew I wouldn't be able to book equipment out over such a long period of time. I also expect to visit the site at least once if not twice a week so I would need my transport costs covering. With regards to work hours I see this taking around 400 hours of my time. If I were working on minimum wage that would be around £2600. I am doing this for nothing, and although I'm more than happy to be involved; and was happy for my name to be put forward, my days of working for nothing are running very thin. Photography is being devalued enough as it it and credit/exposure doesn't pay the bills.

I am looking forward to being part of history in the making, the thought of my images being viewed in years to come is possibly the main reason why I got involved with image making in the first place.

All images ©Matt Elliott 2013  

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  1. Excellent, looking forward to seeing the documentation, a time lapse will be interesting