Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Show me the Monet.

Last year I entered an image for the TV show Show me the Monet. The piece I entered I created last year after being inspired by the work of the artist Chema Modoz, in simple terms he makes the ordinary extraordinary. If I'm honest when I entered my piece I didn't think it would be selected from the other 3000 entries. However I received a phone call and after a trip to London to face a panel for audition I made it through to the filming at Eltham Palace, which was an experience in itself!
The programme is due to be aired sometime in the Summer and although I'm not to sure how much of me they will use, on the day I was in front of the judges for 15 minutes. I couldn't have asked for more from the photography expert David Lee, who's doesn't suffer fools. 
Eating in the Street ©2012Matt Elliott
After looking back I don't think the judges really understood what I was trying to portray with my work, but in my opinion not everything needs justification! I would say one thing to other artists, it's no good creating work to sit on a shelf, portfolio case or hard drive it needs to be shared in one form or another. If you're ever unsure about entering work for an exhibition or competition...don't be! Any feedback is better than no feedback even if you don't like it! 

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